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INSTALFIT represents a new range of professional brazing alloys. It was developed with those customers who value quality, reliability and seamless everyday performance. INSTALFIT products are manufactured by using materials of the highest quality which is reflected in its precise chemical composition, purity of the alloy and exact dimensions.

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INSTALFLUX is a complete range of brazing fluxes developed with the relationship between the performance of a high quality bond and the choice of the correct flux in mind. In creating the INSTALFLUX brand we paid particular attention to the safety of our products, considering both the environment and human health.

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INSTALFIX is a paste intended for soldering copper-copper bonds in potable water or central heating installations. INSTALFIX is characterised by high efficiency and it makes possible to achieve bonds of a very high quality and which are highly resistant to shearing.

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rate materials 200x50 - Kursy surowców