LUT-SPAW guarantees professional technical advice within the scope of brazing to its customers. We offer assistance within the scope of alloy selection to match the brazed materials, choice of brazing technique and introduce the state of the art technologies within the scope of metal bonding.

With our help your company will be able to make the brazing process more effective which will result into better quality, improved efficiency, reduction of costs and introduction of technological changes to the production process. Advice is provided by qualified personnel, headed by Wrocław University of Technology staff, who have been involved with brazing for over thirty years. Due to the complexity of the problems we adopt a very individual approach to each Customer.

Technical queries should be addressed to:

Wiesław Derlukiewicz PhD Eng
Zbigniew Bartnik PhD Eng
Jarosław Król MSc Eng

rate materials 200x50 - Kursy surowcow - mobile
rate materials 200x50 - Kursy surowców
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